A recap of my Postcrossing experience and sending/receiving postcards from around the world

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Mid-January, I set up the challenge to write messages to random strangers - so I subscribed to Postcrossing.
If you don't know what Postcrossing is and how it works, please check out my Travelling Postcards post!

Almost two months have passed since I sent my first card to a fellow Postcrosser in Germany.
Now I'm ready to share my experience.

Let's talk numbers and places first.

Four to Germany - to Katharina, Klaus, Anke and Siegfried
Two to Finland - to Seija and Marja-Liisa
Two to Russia - to Maria and Arina
Two to Belarus - to Anastasia and Alexandr
One to Japan - to Mayumi
One to Singapore - to Jonathan
One to Czech Republic - to Ganna
One to the United States - to Rob
One to Turkey - to Atlastiko

Six from Germany - from Lothar, Wolfgang, Edeltraut, Gabi, Daniela and Lisa
One from the USA - from Michelle 
One from Belarus - from Tatiana
One from The Netherlands - from Coks
One from Taiwan - from Tina
One from Canada - from Michael

Clicking on "request an address" is such an exciting moment.
You don't know who you're going to write to and where - it's totally random!
Once a recipient has been assigned, I read the profile carefully and always try to send a postcard that the person will like - I like to imagine their reaction when they receive my postcards.
Some Postcrossers suggest a list of themes: some collect animal cards while others like receiving famous monuments or landscapes.

I purchased a stock of really cute postcards with different themes - vintage ads, landscapes, words of affirmation... and went to the post office to buy beautiful stamps as well.

As far as I am concerned, I don't ask for any particular type or theme for my postcards.
I just want them to be handwritten and people can write about anything: who they are, what they like, things to do where they live, their favourite quote...

I am so happy when I see one in my letterbox.
All the messages I got were lovely and I really enjoyed getting to know these people a bit - even if I will never meet them or write to them again.

Now that I started a collection of poscards, I'm still wondering what I can do with them.
I can put them in an album or hang them on a huge cork board or metal grid panel.
What do you suggest?

If you're curious about the postcards I receive, follow me on Instagram and search the hashtag #PostcrossingMaloreads.