Smell the Roses: Make-up novice needs guidance

Hello friends!
Remember last week's smell the roses goal - get a facial.


Well, I did not get a facial.
Instead I booked an appointment at the hairdresser's.
I love going to the hairdresser's - the head massage and nice smelling shampoo. It's absolutely divine.
A month ago I wanted a makeover so I had my hair dyed brown - but this time, I had it cut.
Now I have a bob haircut and I'm loving it!
I feel a bit more confident and pretty - for once.

That's not all - I also took a make-up class!
You see, I'm a total novice when it comes to make-up.
I did try to take an interest in the beauty world ages ago but never asked for any advice.
In retrospect I think I never really had an interest in anything beauty-related because.. I didn't like my face.
Why take time and spend money on that face, really?
Ridiculous thought, I know. But that's what I used to think of me - and my face.

I have a history of low self-esteem, and learning to care for me has always been a challenge.
However, and that's good news, I'm feeling much better and more confident lately.
And not only thanks to the hairdresser's and beauty salon - but that's a topic for another blog post. I promise.

After my hair treatment, I talked to a beauty therapist.
I detailed my (quick) morning/evening beauty routine and the products I use - I actually brought them to the salon.
My skin is dry and sensitive, and easily irritated. I knew that, but I never really took care of it.
I'm such a bad girl, I buy products from the supermarket without knowing if they are suitable for my skin type.
Same when it comes to choosing a foundation for my skin tone.

Each morning, until last Saturday, I used a bottom-end moisturiser that would irritate my skin, put some foundation which was way darker than my skin tone and some mascara. That's it.
Don't even mention an evening beauty routine because there was none of it!
I would just use a make-up remover wipe - when I wouldn't forget about it. And not very eco-friendly either.

This needed to change. Back to square one.
The beauty therapist taught me the basics (easy-peasy) and showed me the different types of brushes and a selection of products.
She put make-up on one side of my face and as a good student, I had to do the other half.
It was a fun class. We got along well and she instantly made me feel comfortable.
I must admit I felt ashamed at first - I thought, I'm a 30-year old woman and I don't even know about make-up!

The beauty salon sold Pupa Milano products - have you ever heard of this brand?
I bought a face exfoliator, bi-phase make up remover, lotion, moisturiser, foundation, eyeliner pencil, blusher, and eye shadow.
My bank account is crying right now - but it's worth it.
I will write a review of these beauty products in due time.

This smell the roses was perfect ♡
Not only did I get some much needed me time, but it also boosted my confidence.

Did you stop and smell the roses last week?

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