Smell the Roses: watch your favourite film of all time

"When I lived in Porpoise Spit, I used to sit in my room for hours and listen to ABBA songs.
But since I've met you and moved to Sydney, I haven't listened to one ABBA song.
That's because my life is as good as an ABBA song. It's as good as Dancing Queen."
- Mariel Heslop

Hi friends, how are you?
Guess what. Today is back to work day for me - ugh.

Let's take a moment and look back at that first smell the roses - watch my favourite film of all time.


Last Thursday, I was still on my 2-week Christmas break.
But I wanted a day off, a real day off - no laundry, no cooking, no stress, no toddler. You see what I mean.
Right after dropping off my son at the nanny's at 9, I laid back in bed again and turned my laptop on.
Made myself a cappuccino and grabbed a handful of Lindt chocolate balls to make the experience even more heavenly...

My #1 favourite film is... Muriel's Wedding - and it's been for years!
It's both funny and sad - also hopeful.
I remember my mom renting the videotape multiple times when I was a kid and I would watch it over and over again.
I must have been, like, 10 years old when I first watched it.
I always felt like I was the ugly duckling and this aspect of Muriel's character has always resonated with me. Kind of.

For those who have no idea what the film is about...
Muriel is a 20-year old, socially awkward young woman who desperately wants to get married.

"Muriel finds life in Porpoise Spit, Australia dull and spends her days alone in her room listening to ABBA music and dreaming of her wedding day. Slight problem, Muriel has never had a date. Then she steals money to go on a tropical vacation, meets a wacky friend, changes her name to Mariel, and turns her world upside down."
(from IMDB)

Here's the trailer. Very 90's.

Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths are amazing in this film.
Still a huge fan of these actresses - especially Toni. She deserves so much more recognition for her acting!
And ABBA's music is fantastic!
After the film, I actually rushed to Spotify to listen to all their songs!
One of my favourite scenes is when Muriel and Rhonda lip-synch Waterloo at the talent contest. Iconic.

That first smell the roses was so good - and as simple as it was, it really made me feel better.
I absolutely love watching films but hadn't watched Muriel's Wedding in ages. 
It's one of those films you can't forget and never grow tired of...
It also has the best and most memorable quotes: "You're terrible, Muriel!", "Let her finish her Orgasm"...
What's your favourite film?

Did you stop and smell the roses last week?
Now, I'm beyond ready & excited to complete this week's goal.

Next smell the roses - drumroll:
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