Smell the Roses: Travelling Postcards with Postcrossing
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Hello friends!
It's Monday, which means it's time for a recap of last week's smell the roses - leave a message for a stranger.


For this challenge, I didn't want to just leave a message on a bench or under a windshield wiper for a stranger.
I wanted it to be bigger, I wanted it to become a project - and then I thought of Postcrossing.

Believe me, as simple as it is, Postcrossing is genius.
It actually allows you to send and receive postcards from strangers from all around the world.

All you have to do is request an address, write a nice message on a postcard, stamp it and mail it on your nearest post office.
When your postcard arrives, the recipient will register it on the website (using the Postcard ID) and then you become eligible to receive a postcard from someone else in a random country.

You can leave any type of messages on the postcard.
It can be facts about yourself, interesting things to see & do in your area, your favourite book, favourite quote... anything nice.

Earlier last week, I bought a dozen cute postcards and stamps.
I requested an address - you can send up to five postcards but then must wait for them to be registered to send more.
I have written messages to Germany, Finland, Japan, the United States and Russia so far, and I can't wait to receive postcards from other people in different places in the world.
That is so exciting!

I created the hashtag #franspostcards for you and postcrossers to follow my Postcrossing project as I will document it on Instagram - and probably on the blog too. I purposely left my username on the postcards I've sent and also asked Postcrossers who are going to send me postcards to write theirs down so that I can tag them in my posts.

I enjoyed picking cute cards & postcards from my local stationer's.
But I really want to support more small businesses this year so if you design lovely cards, leave your shop link down below!
I also loved writing to people from all over the world.
I mean, I never thought I would be sending a postcard to Japan one day!
What's more, as an introvert, I feel way more comfortable writing a message than talking - especially to a stranger.

Did you stop and smell the roses last week?

This week's smell the roses is:
▲ Make a playlist of your five favourite songs 


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