Smell the roses: make a playlist of your five favourite songs

"Without music, life would be a mistake."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Hello friends!
Time to take a look at last week's smell the roses - make a playlist of your five favourite songs.


Last week has been a bit of a struggle for me.
So many emotions have hit me all at once - and as a result, I feel emotionally drained and physically tired.
But it's time to get back up and keep moving because I know I got this!

When I'm in such a mood, I don't really feel like talking and usually dive into a book or listen to music - and close my eyes.

Music can be very therapeutic and make me feel better when everything seems to go wrong.
Music speaks to my soul and heart, and helps me recover - faster & better.

I listen to music all the time and have multiple playlists on Spotify - from 90's music and musicals to TV shows theme tunes.
For this smell the roses, the only difficulty was to pick only five songs.
I have so many favourite songs!

There's something special about all of them - the melody, the lyrics, the charismatic lead singer...
Those I have picked for the compilation have been favourites for years and will probably always be.

Enjoy the playlist ♡

Did you stop and smell the roses last week?

This week's goal is:
▲ Get a facial 


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