Confessions of an INFJ

A couple of years ago, I took the Myers & Briggs Type Indicator test.

Never heard of it?
Basically, the MBTI sorts people into one of the 16 different personality types, according to behaviour.

> How they focus their attention or get their energy - Extraversion or Introversion
> How they perceive or take in information - Sensing or INtuition
> How they prefer to make decisions - Thinking or Feeling
> How they orient themselves to the external world - Judging or Perceiving

When I found out I was an INFJ, it was like all the pieces fit together. This is so me.
I'm still in the process of finding out who I am and being more comfortable in my own skin - but it answered a lot of questions I'd never thought I'd get answers to. I could finally understand why I am the way I am in certain situations, and it feels good.

So... what are INFJs like?

INFJ means Introverted Intuitive Feeler Judger & it's believed to be the rarest and most complex of the MTBI personality types.
INFJs are said to be idealistic, sensitive, deeply emotional, imaginative and are often described as insightful visionaries.
They are also empathetic and have an innate ability to understand and care for people.
However INFJs are often misunderstood because they can come across as weird and extremely paradoxical.

▲ "I must admit... Solitude is peace, loneliness is hell."
I am definitely an introvert. I value my alone time so much.
And it's necessary to recharge my batteries and enhance my creativity.
However - while I mostly crave solitude - I also enjoy connecting with others and hate feeling lonely.

▲ "I'm also full of self-doubt and insecurity."
I struggle with confidence and sometimes find it challenging to express and put myself on display.
When I do, I feel so awkward and will withdraw into myself again.
I tend to overanalyze things and often think I'm not good enough to do this or that.
And even simple things like interacting on social media or answering the phone can be difficult.

▲ "Two things... Perfectionism and procrastination."
The two of them is such a strange combination but... STORY OF MY LIFE.
I really thought I was lazy - some people still think I am... but finally understood why I was putting off things all the time.
I want things to be perfect - but I need time and focus.
When I start doing something, I know I will put 100% of my time & effort into it... writing, rewriting, reviewing...
And if I feel like I can't fully devote myself to it, I procrastinate.

▲ "Watch out for the door slamming."
The INFJ door slam is when we completely close the door on people and cut them out of our lives.
Hate to write this, but I have slammed the door multiple times. Because they forced me to.
It can be harsh, but I have no time for people who hurt and took advantage of me or my loved ones.
Removing them from my life was just necessary for my well-being, and like a protection.

Having that complex personality often made me think there was something wrong with me.
But there's not - and I am so proud to be an INFJ.
It comes with great qualities and strengths. 

Have you taken the MBTI questionnaire? What's your personality type?