Books I'm reading in 2018 (PopSugar reading challenge)

In 2018, I'm taking up the POPSUGAR reading challenge!
They give you a list of prompts, and you just have to choose books that fit them.
I really want to read more and try to broaden my reading horizons.
My goal is to read 40 books. What's yours?

Here is the list of book prompts.

☐ A book made into a movie you've already seen
☐ True crime
☐ The next book in a series you started
☐ A book involving a heist
☐ Nordic noir
☐ A novel based on a real person
☐ A book set in a country that fascinates you
☐ A book with a time of day in the title
☐ A book about a villain or antihero
☐ A book about death or grief
☐ A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym
☐ A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist
☐ A book that is also a stage play or musical
☐ A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you
☐ A book about feminism
☐ A book about mental health
☐ A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift
☐ A book by two authors
☐ A book about or involving a sport
☐ A book by a local author
☐ A book with your favourite colour in the title
☐ A book with alliteration in the title
☐ A book about time travel
☐ A book with a weather element in the title
☐ A book set at sea
☐ A book with an animal in the title
☐ A book set on a different planet
☐ A book with song lyrics in the title
☐ A book about or set on Halloween
☐ A book with characters who are twins
☐ A book mentioned in another book
☐ A book from a celebrity book club
☐ A childhood classic you've never read
☐ A book that's published in 2018
☐ A past Goodreads Choice Awards winner
☐ A book set in the decade you were born
☐ A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn't get to
☐ A book with an ugly cover
☐ A book that involves a bookstore or a library
☐ Your favourite prompt from the 2015, 2016, or 2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenges

All these prompts are really exciting and I've already added some books to my list!

Now I'm so ready to tackle a first prompt - a book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift.
What a coincidence... I just got What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton for Christmas!

What are you reading this year?
Any recommendations of books that fit the list?

Photo by Anthony Tran ▲ UNSPLASH