2018 Blogging Goals

My lovely little blog launched on 28th December 2017 - so it's still very much in the baby stages.
It's such a wonderful outlet for expressing myself, and sharing what inspires and motivates me.
MaloReads, and blogging in general, is also a great tool to communicate and improve my English, which isn't my first language.

Although I'm still struggling to find the right balance between personal life, work and blogging, I need to say that this blog makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled. It's so much fun and allowed me to meet awesome people from around the world.
And my blog is not even one month old yet!

I can't wait to post more content and see it grow - just like TESS!
Here are my blogging goals for 2018.

One. Switch to Wordpress.
I'm currently on the Blogger platform and to be honest, I quite like it - it's free and easy to use.
But since I want to have full control of my blog, I need to go self-hosted and actually own my site/content.
Wordpress is also much better for SEO - which I still need to learn about!
Confession: SEO scares me but is necessary if I want my little blog to grow.

Two. Increase my interactivity on social media.
I want to engage more with other bloggers, and support more small bloggers/businesses as well.
Because of the lack of time or just lack of self-confidence (yes that happens), I don't interact as much as I would like to.
So let's participate in Twitter chats and comment more this year!

Three. Keep a consistent blog schedule.
Since the launch of my blog, I have managed to stick to a schedule.
I publish a new post twice a week, on Mondays & Thursdays - Monday posts being about my SMELL THE ROSES challenge.
To stay consistent, I plan on scheduling and drafting posts ahead of time more often.

Four. Grow my following.
Even if my blog is just a hobby at the moment, I really hope to increase my following and readership.
I already promote my posts on social media and try to respond to comments as soon as I can.
It's a good start - but that's not enough.
I've been using Pinterest for years for personal use, but need to start using it for my blog to get more views & grow my following.

These are simple goals - and I want to take things one step at a time.
I might start monetizing my blog this year but it's not my priority at the moment.

What are your blogging goals for 2018?